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Kindly be informed that CTBF is planning and phasing in the following steps in preparation for the

2021/2022 season. We are mindful that the winter codes may impact access to facilities and/or preparation and are therefore appealing to all clubs to be transparent with any challenges and to keep CTBF informed so we can support or assist you where necessary.

Return to Baseball Activities: Phase 1 – August 2021
Facility Inspection
o Clubs to work towards becoming COVID compliant
o Apply to access the facility
o Clubs to inform CTBF when an inspection can take place
o CTBF Compliance Officer will check club facilities by 30th August 2021

Return to Baseball Activities: Phase 2 – September/October 2021
Return to Training 1 September to 29 October 2021
o Training includes seniors, masters and juniors

Return to Baseball Activities: Phase 3 – October 2021
Return to League matches 30 October 2021

Furthermore, inform CTBF by no later than 30 September 2021 of the playing status for your club.
Will your club be participating in the 2021/2022 season
How many teams will you be entering (senior and juniors)
What league your teams will be entering (senior and juniors)

The above-mentioned has also been communicated to the Western Cape Baseball Federation (WCBF) and the South African Baseball Federation (SABU).

Please ensure that all your members follow the COVID protocols, social distance and keep safe.

Letter to clubs re upcoming season 2021 2022.docx (PDF)

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